Discover our Mission to Unmask Teenage Poverty

Supporting Youth-focused Charities through Creative Exploration and Teen Philanthropy

Poverty among North America Youth is a harsh reality that often remains hidden from view. With 25% of teens living at or below the poverty line, the sCare Foundation is dedicated to addressing this unspoken tragedy.

sCare Foundation is a non-profit charity organization that draws its support from the diverse and talented filmmakers, actors, and musicians who work in the suspense and horror genres. Additionally, much of our organization is run and supported by the vast legion of the genre’s fan base. By uniting the worlds of music, television, and film, we strive to combat teen homelessness and hunger.

Our foundation's goal is to give back by raising funds for youth-focused charities and encouraging more teens to get involved in philanthropy and creative exploration. We believe that empowering the younger generation to make a difference in their communities is key to unmasking teenage poverty.

Together, we can work toward a brighter future for North America's youth. Your donation can make a significant impact on the lives of teens struggling with homelessness and hunger.

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